ORDERING + PAYMENT – We require a minimum of two months notice on all cakes with two or more tiers. Any changes to the order must be done with at 1 week notice, major changes could be denied.

A 50% non-refundable payment/retainer is required in order to reserve your date and cake. Final payment is due one week prior to pickup or prior to delivery. We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and cash payments.

DELIVERY or PICK-UP – No matter the size or style, our cakes are securely boxed for pick-up or delivery.

Delivery is available Thursdays through Sundays within a delivery window from 9am to 3pm. Please note that we are not available for all order sizes.

Delivery charges within Ottawa start at $50.00. Rates are calculated based on destination address. Our cakes are not suitable for shipping via air or land freight. Cakes being picked up from our bakery should be transported in air-conditioned vehicles or refrigerated containers.

Pick-ups must be made by noon on the date of the event at our bakery in the Byward Market. Please note that tiered cakes require at least two people to securely transport and we are not liable or responsible for the cake once it has left the bakery.

Important instructions for preparing your car and delivering your cake 

  • Generally, your cake will be packaged in a sealed box to protect your cake from dust, rain or foreign objects (with the exception of extremely large or gravity defying cakes that may not fit packaging)
  • The best way to transport your cake is in the back of a van, station wagon or SUV. If none of these options are available, it is possible to transport smaller sized cakes in the floorboard of a car, however this is a last resort due to the potential for damage.
  • Under no Circumstances should a cake be transported on a vehicle seat. (It is also highly discouraged to transport your cake on someone’s knee/lap)
  • Please prepare the back of the vehicle in advance of picking up the cake by clearing out any loose objects and vacuuming/shaking out any debris.
  • On warm days, it is imperative that your vehicle have a working cooling unit (air conditioning). Please run it before your pickup until your car’s interior is cool
  • Allowing pets to be in the car during a cake transport is strongly discouraged.
  • Driver must take extreme caution, keeping the vehicle level at all times, especially when turning corners, and must avoid any sudden acceleration, cornering or aggressive braking.
  • Please adhere to the agreed-upon pick up time.
  • Upon arrival at the event venue, be sure to set up the cake in a cool display area away from sunlight (and away from anywhere sunlight might move to) without delay/.

Cancellation – Aux Delices Bakery is a small business, and because of this we are only able to take a very limited number of custom orders for any given week. We must often decline other orders in order to secure your place; In doing so we ensure that every order we take gets the proper amount of attention devoted to it.

For wedding orders, in addition to declining other custom orders on your date, we may have already used time and products to complete your tasting and have spent time pricing out designs and researching techniques, made contacts with your venue,  and ordered materials needed for your order. For these reasons, we are unable to refund deposits at any time and we thank you for your understanding.

Cancellations done before the final deposit will not be completed and the deposit will be withheld. Cancellations done after the final deposit will not be completed and the whole deposit will be withheld. Cancellations done after the cake is made will have the deposit withheld, the cake can be picked up or delivered to a local shelter.

Outdoor Events – Any cake/cupcakes placed outside during an event has the possibility of melting or changing form due to weather conditions (such as, but not limited to, heat, wind, rain, and humidity). We are not liable for a cake/cupcakes once it has been delivered or picked up.

Artistic License Disclaimer – Every cake is handmade by our pastry chefs and cake decorators and is subject to artistic interpretation. You may provide us with photographic inspiration for your order. We reserve the right to make minor changes to the design at any point in the process in order to benefit the aesthetic, as seen fit by our cake decorators.

Rentals – Cake stand/cupcake stands and all other rentals must be returned within two business days of the event conclusion.

Customer agrees to pay full replacement fee if these are not returned on time and/or are returned damaged (not in the condition they were given).

A deposit of $300.00 must be paid two weeks prior to your order, which is fully refunded upon the return of all on-time and undamaged rentals.

Food Allergies – All items may contain: nuts, dairy, eggs, gluten, soy, and other allergens. Please discuss any allergies or sensitivities with the pastry chef.

Photographs – We photograph our cakes and reserve the right to use any photographs for display or promotional uses without client compensation or permission.

Colour Matching – We make every effort to match your colors. However, to get as close as possible, please provide us with a color swatch.

Also, food-grade dyes may sometimes be difficult/impossible to match. Darker colors have a tendency to darken further with time, humidity, and heat. Therefore, we cannot guarantee a perfect color match.