Party Cake Buying Guide

Whats on the Inside?

Classic Vanilla – Made with a pure vanilla buttercream and a white sponge cake.
Black and White -A swirl of chocolate and vanilla cake with our chocolate buttercream
Confetti – Vanilla cake with confetti sprinkles baked in, and a vanilla buttercream
Death by Chocolate -Chocolate cake with a decadent chocolate frosting
Chocolate Raspberry – Rich chocolate cake and buttercream with a layer of Raspberry Jam
Cookies & Cream – Moist chocolate cake with a crumble cookie icing
Cookie Dough -Vanilla chocolate chip cake with cookie dough buttercream frosting
Chocolate Hazelnut – Moist chocolate cake with a rich hazelnut buttercream
Strawberries & Cream – Vanilla cake with creamy strawberry buttercream 
Mocha – Chocolate cake with coffee flavoured frosting 


Whats on the outside?

White Buttercream – A Italian buttercream made with sweet butter and pure vanilla.

Bittersweet Chocolate Ganache – A smooth chocolate finish, ideal for finishing Chocolate, raspberry and Mocha cakes.

Sizing and Serving Guide

The cake yields below are based on a 1″ x 2″ serving size. Multi-tiered cakes have 2 or more tiers of Round cakes stacked with plastic dowels to maintain stability for display (Please remind your venue or caterer to remove all supports before serving)

4″ Round – 8 Servings ( Only Available On Tiered Cakes)

6″ Round – 12 Servings

8″ Round – 20 Servings

10″ Round – 24 Servings

12″ Round – 40 Servings

14″ Round – 63 Servings

16″ Round – 77 Servings